Case study: Westell DSL modem

From time to time I get anguished emails from people who are trying to set up the Linksys WVC54g internet camera and can't make it work, even after following my notes:

I'm about ready to throw this CAM (and the 170 bucks) in the trash... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. signed, FRUSTRATED in FLORIDA... lol

Pete, AKA Frustrated, sent me screen captures of his camera and router configurations. The camera setup looked fine, but the router configuration looked strange, to say the least, and we had a hard time working the bugs out of his setup. To make a long story short, it turned out that the Westell DSL modem provided by BellSouth actually has a built-in router that did not play nicely with the additional Linksys wireless router Pete had added to his network.

lan setup
Pete's hardware configuration

Camera could be viewed locally, but not from the internet. Sololink service correctly redirected requests to the current WAN IP address assigned by BellSouth. Current IP address could be pinged. Viewing utility could even connect to camera from internet and obtain camera's MAC address and description, but no video could be seen.

• Enable IP passthrough from the modem to the router's IP address. Essentially, this passes all TCP/IP traffic directly through the modem to the router, bypassing the modem's router function.

The Bellsouth Forum at Broadband Reports .com recommends setting up the Westell modem in "bridged ethernet mode" for this hardware configuration, but that is not necessary.

• In the router, forward port 1024 to the camera's static IP address. Do not set up port triggering for port 1024. If port forwarding and port triggering are both enabled for the same port, it causes problems.

If you have a modem that has a built-in router, this type of solution may work for you, too.


Now that Pete's camera is working and viewable from the internet, we can see that Pete's dog Abbi has found a comfortable place for her naps.