Linksys WVC54G viewer and recorder utility

I no longer have the WVC54G camera. It died, and I did not replace it. However, I'm leaving this information here in case it can help someone with set up their viewer.

Since this page was originally written, Linksys has released a new version of the Viewer and Recorder utility. It lets you monitor multiple cameras and launch ones you want to watch in a separate window.


Step 1: Download the WVC54G Viewer and Recorder package. Click here and choose Save the file.

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded package. If you can't remember where you put it and have to search, the file is called LinksysMulti-Viewer&

Step 3: Run the Setup. Navigate to the folder where you unzipped the download package. Double-click on the setup program which is called setup.exe

Utility screen before adding any cameras

Step 4: Run the Viewer/Recorder Utility. Find the Viewer & Recorder Utility in your Start menu and open the program. When the Utility opens, click on "Add Camera."

Details for adding my camera

Step 5: Add a camera. Click on the Internet tab and fill in the address and port of my camera as shown. Click on Connect. When it confirms that the connection is successful, click on Add then close the window.

NOTE: I no longer have this camera. The connection shown here will no longer work.

drag camera to a channel

Step 6: Assign the camera to a channel. Click on a camera in the list on the left and drag it to an empty channel. This screen lets you preview your camera(s).

Step 7: Watch. Double-click on the camera you want to watch. A separate viewer window will watch.

Camera viewing window

That's it! You should be watching Chez Paul live.