Linksys WVC54G camera configuration

What worked for me

I no longer have this camera. It died, and I did not replace it. However, I'm leaving this information here in case it can help someone with their WVC54G.

The Problem: After I set my camera up, I could look at it from the computers on my LAN at home, but it was not accessible from the internet.

The Solution for Me: The notes below show the critical configuration items that were necessary to make the WVC54G work.

I present this information as a public service. If my experience is any guide, you won't get any help from Linksys. I am using a Linksys router WRT54G and have Windows® XP. Your mileage may vary.

Basic settings screen

LAN settings

  1. Use a fixed IP address for the camera, not a dynamic one supplied by the router
  2. I used the default address for the camera,
  3. Linksys products default to subnet, which you can get from the router's basic setting screen if necessary
  4. This is your LAN's gateway to the world — that is, the router's local IP address — not the gateway the ISP uses. This was the critical mistake in my configuration, and in more than four hours online with Tech Support no one thought to ask me about it! (Thank you, Dan!)
  5. "Primary DNS" really doesn't make sense under "LAN settings" — what they really want is the primary Domain Name Service server used by your ISP for WAN connections. This is found on the router's Status page. I don't understand why the camera needs to have this specified separately, but it does.

wireless settings

  1. SSID used by the router
  2. Use infrastructure mode, not ad-hoc
  3. Enable security if you are using security for your LAN

security settings
Security settings dialogue

  1. I use 128 bit WEP encryption — you may be using a different level of security
  2. Passphrase used to generate the WEP key. The passphrase is case-sensitive.
  3. The camera generates a lower-case passkey but my router generates an upper-case passkey. It doesn't seem to matter. Go figure.
  4. Open System is needed for the internet

Options screen

Options screen

  1. Tech Support told me to enable UPnP. I can't understand why it should be necessary and I don't think it is. After I enabled UPnP, Windows XP alerted me that it had found new hardware. Whoop-de-doo.
  2. The WVC54G is supposed to be listening on port 1024 anyway, but I had to enable an alternate port before the camera could connect.
  3. Port 1024 is supposed to be the default port, but it makes the camera happier to specify 1024 as an alternate.

Some modems, such as the Westell modem provided by BellSouth, have a built-in router that does not play nicely with a second wireless router in the hardware configuation without special settings for the modem. See a Westell case study.