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Veo Observer

Live streaming video

This camera died, probably of heat prostration. It used to work this way, but no more!

About Veo Observer. The Veo Observer webcam is a wireless internet camera that can be controlled remotely: pan, tilt, zoom, brightness. It also lets you capture a snapshot or video.

Note: To view the camera, you must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

The first time you view the camera, it will install an active-X control on your PC. If you do not accept the installation, you will not be able to see the camera.

Helpful information
Control panel
How to connect

Limitations. There are three main limitations:

  • Only one person can view the camera at a time. If someone else is using it, you will get a "busy" message when you try to log in.
  • Video quality is degraded by streaming sound. I suggest you turn the sound off.
  • The picture is transmitted at 320x240 pixels (medium). You can select the "large" (or "small") display, but it will not increase (decrease) the size of the picture being transmitted.

Control panel.
control panel After you connect to the camera, you will see a control panel displayed with the picture.

Use the control panel to turn the sound on/off, adjust the brightness of the picture, or point the camera in a different direction.

Note: the brightness control does not work instantaneously. Also, when you change the camera position, it may take a moment to adjust itself to any new lighting conditions.

How to connect. When you click the Launch Veo Observer link you will be see three different web pages.

camera home pageCamera home page. This page must remain open while you are viewing the camera, and it cannot be minimized. Since the only useful thing you do on the page is choose your language, I strongly suggest you resize this page and move it to a corner of your desktop.

Occasionally, you will get a "page unavailable" error, even when the camera is up. I find it usually works to simply click the link again or refresh the page.

login pageLogin form. This is where you enter your user name and password. The user name is user and the password is password. This page will disappear when you connect to the camera.

camera viewViewing window and control panel. This is where you watch with amusement and amazement, capture stills or video.

Remember: Only one person at a time can view the camera, so don't be greedy.

Remember: You can listen, but it will reduce the quality of the video.