TeleCommunications Systems (TSYS)


TSYS 1-year chart

"TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) is a leading provider of mission-critical wireless data solutions to government customers, public safety, and carriers. TCS produces wireless data communications technology solutions that require proven high levels of reliability. TCS' wireless data offerings include secure deployable communication systems and engineered satellite-based services; location-based wireless and VoIP Enhanced 9-1-1 services; messaging and location service infrastructure for wireless operators; and commercial location applications, like traffic and navigation, using the precise location of a wireless device." (company website)

TSYS 6-month chart


After buying the last lot of TSYS, I realized that I had paid too much. So when it fell again in today's down session, I bought another lot to lower the average price per shrae

  • Percentage price oscillator (PPO) — at the signal line
  • Volume — many recent days of heavier than normal volume

Based on technical analysis, MarketEdge continues to call TSYS a "strong buy" in a "weak upward trend."

TSYS announced earnings yesterday. Beat Expectations by a penny (16¢ vs 15¢ expected). Raised guidance for the year. Got slammed in today's session! During the earnings call the execs were suitably cautious and refused to be drawn into making "granular" predictions; can't imagine any other reason for the slam except that the company was cautious.


gain Bottom line

Uncle! I give up! When the market opened this morning, TSYS was up a bit, and I optimistically hoped that might be the turnaround day. Wrong again! Prices soon tumbled again, and when I had a chance to get out with just a 24% loss (just!!!) I took it. The bloodletting is obviously not over.

This is really hard for me: I am inclined by nature to look for order in things, and while the market sometimes looks orderly, at other times it just defies understanding. This is a stock, after all, that beat expectations and raised guidance, but since then it has lost 30% of its value. Go figure!