Quepasa (QPSA)


QPSA 1-year chart QPSA 1-year chart

"Quepasa Corporation, owner of Quepasa.com, is the world's largest, bicultural Hispanic online community. The Company is committed to providing entertaining, enriching, and empowering products and services to millions of Hispanic users throughout the U.S. and certain areas of Latin America. The Quepasa community provides users with access to robust, bilingual content, information sharing, and other topics of high importance to Hispanic users. This includes blogs, chat, dating, culturally relevant channels (entertainment, fashion, health, immigration, Latin America, recipes, sports, and tv), email, news, postcards, radio, user forums, toolbar, translator, video, and much more." (company website)

QPSA 6-month chart
QPSA 6-month chart


Quepasa has been sliding steadily downward for most of the past year, but in May it apparently reached bottom and has started moving up again. Perhaps the reversal was triggered by company news around May 23rd regarding management changes and financial restatements not affecting bottom line.

  • Price momentum (PPO) — rising sharply
  • Relative strength (RSI) — steady strengthening
  • Trend (ADX) — strong, with sharp increase in buying pressure (+DI)
  • Volume — quite lightly traded, but increasing gradually

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loss Bottom line

¿Que pasa? Nada, nada. Quepasa just wasn't going anywhere, and volume had trickled off to frighteningly few shares changing hands. I decided to bail out of this position and put the money into a more promising stock (RNOW).