Returns 2008 year to date

returns YTD 2008

Down 47% for the year. Enough said.

realized gain (loss) YTD 2008
Net profit/loss (black/white bars) of monthly closes

Thanks a lot, House Republicans! I was doing fine until the bastards torpedoed the recovery plan. Now I'm down another 3% for the month and still down 36% for the year.

Treading water. I end August up 1% for the month, but still down 33% year-to-date.

July could have been worse. My portfolio ended up 2% for the month, despite taking some losses.

June wasn't "bustin' out all over...." — it was just a bust! Down 14% for the month! Down 35% for the year! So much for digging out of the hole.

May was just a little kinder to Trader Paul than the earlier months. The portfolio is up 6% for the month, and although still down 21% for the year, beginning to did out of the hole.

Mercy! What a rocky start to the year. Most of the loss was at the beginning when I bailed out of all the non-performers in the portfolio. Since then, I've really been up and down a couple of percentage points each month, not too too bad in this volatile market.