Returns 2005

returns YTD 2005

I have only one thing to say about 2005: Good riddance! The Santa Claus rally brought lumps of coal instead of sugarplums. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the year slightly down (-0.6%), and the Nasdaq ended the year slightly up ( a measly 1.3%). Trader Paul fared miserably. 'Nuf said.

Finally, some good news to report! The value of my portfolio is up 7% month-to-month, and the loss on the year has been narrowed (barely). It's a start.

Down another 3% this month? Have I lost my touch? Or my marbles? I know, this is exactly what I said last month!

Down another 3% this month. Have I lost my touch? Or my marbles?

Oil prices hit record highs. Iraq is still a mess. Hurricanes. What's next— a plague of locusts? Although I am down 9% for the month, that is less than the gain the previous month. Two steps forward, 1.5 steps backward.

The good news is that my portfolio is up 16% from June to July. The bad news is that such a tremendous gain still leaves me down 32% on the year. Now, if I could just keep this up...

The best that can be said, I think, is that June proves the wisdom of the adage, "Sell in May and walk away." On a non-GAAP basis, the decrease in value is attributable to two stocks in which I hold larger-than-normal positions that both went dramatically south. Corporations seem able to ignore things this way — why can't I?

Well thank goodness — the bleeding has been stopped! Although I didn't gain any ground this month, neither did I lose any.

I'm in pain! March and April were bleak months for Trader Paul. It is time for corrective action!

February turned out to be an OK month with a 7% month-over-month increase in the value of the portfolio. That is despite having to eat several sizeable losses due to stocks that tanked right after the turn of the year and that did not recover in February.

Ouch! January was a cruel, cruel month. Actually, I think there's something wrong with my calculations, but I can't figure out what. It was a bad month, but I don't think it was that bad.