Occasional notes, 2003

Miscellaneous musings, rants, raves, and assorted ramblings

June 2003
CNET (26-Jun-03)
July 2003
Ouch! Compuware (CPWR) punished (14-Jul-03)
Binge and purge (17-Jul-03)
August 2003
Where are they now? (26-Aug)
September 2003
Buca di Beppo gives indigestion (19-Sep-03)
October 2003
Tale of the triangle (9-Oct-03)
Who hesitates is lost (21-Oct-03
Tale of the triangle, chapter 2 (24-Oct-03)
December 2003
Power of percents (12-Dec-03)
Waiting for Santa Claus )16-Dec-03)