Trader Paul

Lessons learned and other tales of trading in the stock market

With the advent of online brokerages, I decided to try my hand at the stock market. Although the dollars that went into it were real enough, I thought of my brokerage account more as entertainment than for serious money-making. Like Monopoly. As it happens, that was a very appropriate attitude, since money-making was hardly the outcome.

Especially after I retired, subtly, but irresistibly, my brokerage account morphed from entertainment to challenge. I would figure this out, dammit! My strategy has evolved over time.

This section is a record of my progress (or lack of it). This is not fantasy investing — everything here is a real trade with real money, real profits, and real losses.

Disclaimer. Your mileage may vary. Some assembly required. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Caveat emptor. Not intended as investment advice. Your bank account may shrink in the market. A fool and his money are soon parted. Look before you leap. A penny saved is a penny earned.