The Berber carpet story

Start to finish — 48 days

Day 6

Go to Home Depot and select the carpet and order measurement. The measurement will be "within 2 business days." (and the check is in the mail)

Day 20

Hello, Home Depot? Two weeks ago I ordered carpet and Joyce told me the measurement people would contact me within two business days. Well, it's been two weeks and I still haven't heard from them.

"I'm not sure what's going on with that. I know we faxed it over to them. I'll have to check on Monday and call you back."

Day 23

Hello, Home Depot? Three days ago I called to find out about my carpet order and a nice gentleman said he would call me back on Monday. It's Wednesday and I still haven't heard from anybody.

"That's wrong, someone should have called you. (duh!) I'll have someone check and call you right back."

Day 26

Hello, Home Depot? Three days ago I called for the second time about my carpet order, but the person who answered my call has not called back with the status. What's up with that?

"Let me check.... your measurement order was faxed over, twice actually. I'll check with the installation coordinator.... He says he'll fax it over again and they'll get in touch with you."

It's time to talk to the coordinator.... [recap whole sorry tale].

"I can give them a call and make sure they contact you."

It had better be today.

"Well, they're pretty busy."

Three weeks ago I was told this would happen in two days. This is my third call, and no one followed up on the first two calls. If there's no progress today, my next call will be to another dealer.

"When do you want it measured?"


5 minutes later: "This is the measurement company."

Thank you for contacting me; finally.

"When do you want us to measure?


Day 27

Action, at last! Measurer finally shows up. I hand her a color-coded, computer-generated floor plan, thinking it will make her job easier since she won't have to draw. Although she uses the drawing while taking her measurements, it's obvious from the way she keeps turning it to and fro that she's not all that comfortable interpreting a drawing someone else has made.

Day 54

The carpet installers show up at 8:30am, half an hour before their appointment. They found me all sweaty and grungy from schlepping electronics, computers, and everything that was on the floors in the closets out onto the balcony.

I had assumed they would do the installtion in stages: move the furniture out of one room, replace that carpet, then swap the furniture into the finished room, and so on. Wrong! All the furniture had to be stuffed into the kitchen and bathrooms, and they did it all in one pass.

Who knew that laying carpet involved so much pounding?! I had a great series of step-by-step photos of the process. Had. Unfortunately, my computer crashed in the middle of transferring them from the camera's SmartMedia disk onto my hard-drive, and the photos were irretrievably lost.

old carpet Before
berber carpet After