The Festival of Lights Parade this year threatened to be a wet one. It had rained most of the day. Although we put our chairs out early in the morning to claim our spots, as do all the most savvy parade watchers, we also wanted to go early to get good parking.

We had put our chairs right in front of the Palm Canyon Theatre as usual, and we were happy to have covered them with plastic or our tushes would surely have been damp. We (Bob, Réal, and I) took the opportunity to have dinner at the Chicken Ranch before taking our seats.

The mountain was shrouded in clouds and the crowed was a bit slow to assemble. Nevertheless, by the time the parade was due to step off, there was a normally large crowed waiting for the parade to begin. We were near the end of the parade route, so it would take an additional 45 minutes before the first units reached us.

And just up the street from us was a television broadcast stand, so all the units were held in readiness to make the best presentation for those watching at home. As a result, almost everything stopped right in front of us; you'll note in the pictures that this produced some reasonably good photos, even of the bands.


Published 12/30/2019. Last updated 12/31/2019



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