2021 is here

| The year 2020 is over, but the effects will linger for a long, long time.

The election. The election was over and done with two months ago, but some people just can't accept the result. It has become very clear that one of the two major political parties simply does not believe in democracy and the concept of "we the people." By an overwhelming margin of votes, both popular and electoral, we the people decided that T would be a one-term president. Unfortunately, the message hasn't quite penetrated his turban of comb-over hair. When simply declaring that he won — "bigly" — didn't work, he set loose Rudy's army of lawyers to get his way in the court. 

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Steve Sack
Rudy's hair meltdown
Rudy has a melt down

The assault on the legal system was a spectacular failure. Judge after judge after judge suppressed their laughter and wrote in multiple creative ways, "Get out of here and stop wasting our time with these junk lawsuits." At one point, the pressure got to Rudy and his hair melted and dripped down his face. Even the Supreme Court, to which T has appointed three justices, would have none of it.

The scheme now is to "contest" the slates of electors when they are counted in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. This is certain to be a failure, because it takes both a Representative and a Senator to make the challenge. Moscow Mitch certainly doesn't want any of his Senators to join in the merriment, but that apparently will not deter the senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley. Yon Josh has a lean and hungry look with his eye on a 2024 run for president, and he thinks this stunt will endear him to Trump and his base. Has he learned nothing in the last four years? Maybe he should ask General Kelly, General Mathis, Bill Barr, or any of the other loyal soldiers on whom Trump has turned his anger. In any case, all that will happen is that for each challenge, the two houses will have to go back to their respective chambers and debate for two yours and then vote. Both the House and the Senate must agree to support a challenge, and Nancy's not going to let that happen. It's just theatre.

The following two weeks will be the most dangerous. When an animal is cornered it lashes out. Expect more drama between the counting of the electoral votes and the inauguration ceremony.

Covid. Those same two weeks before the inauguration will be when all those millions of people who insisted that just had to visit the relatives they can't stand the other 364 days of the year start reporting to the hospital because they acquired Covid. In Southern California, there is simply no room in the inn. The ICU beds are full and hospitals are using hallways, conference rooms, gift shops, any large broom closet to house patients. 

And, of course, there's a "hiccup" with the deployment of the vaccine. The vaccines were developed in record time — warp speed, as it were — but no one apparently gave five minutes thought to what would happen after you flew in freezers full of vaccines to each state. Who's supposed to do what, when, how? Who's on first? Nobody. And don't even get me started on the hospital "pharmacist" in Wisconsin who took vaccines out of the freezers and left them sitting on the floor overnight. On purpose. 

As of today, over 20 million Americans have been infected and over 345,000 have died. But who's counting.

But all that said. Upon reflection over glasses of celebratory bubbly on New Year's Eve, the usual suspects and I came to the conclusion that despite the world going to hell in a handbasket in general, we personally have done pretty well. We've maintained life in our social bubble, refined our cooking skills, and [knock wood] have not contracted covid or even colds in the last 9 months. That said, misery and distress are all around. We are fortunate, indeed.

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