Trump sees light at the end of the tunnel
Psst, Dear Leader, it's an oncoming train!

| What's that old saying about being condemned to repeat the past if you can't learn from it? According to Wikiquote the actual quote is "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" but there are many variations.

Every day Donald Trump commandeers the airways to produce the Trump Alternative Reality Show, in which all the hospitals have all the supplies they need, a vaccine for coronavirus is right around the corner, he's doing more than anyone has ever seen before, and the country is about to re-open for business as usual, really soon. Maybe for Easter.

It's a split screen experience, if any of the cable news stations were clever enough to do an actual split screen. While he's up there — and he's always up there — bragging about the millions of masks that are being delivered, we've just learned on a more reality-based program that doctors and nurses are re-using their single-use mask over and over again because they don't have new ones. In fact, new businesses are springing up to sanitize used masks en masse and return them to their users. 

As I write this, coronavirus deaths in the US exceed 12,000 and there are nearly 375,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 ( Yet Trump is so determined to dominate the news cycle he spews out endless nonsense just to suck up airtime. He can't get his messages straight: one day, this is awful and we should brace ourselves; the next (day, hour, whatever) he wants to pack the churches on Easter Sunday. He tells us that the CDC advises people to wear masks (not to protect themselves, but to protect others), but insists at the same time that he won't wear one because it wouldn't look good.

Meanwhile, his accolytes in Idaho have declared a "Liberty Rebellion" calling the social-distancing requires an assault on the Constitution. They're planning massive gatherings for Easter. As you might suspect, Ammon Bundy (who once led an armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge) is stirring up trouble, claiming that if "our rights are infringed upon enough we can physically stand in defense in whatever way we need to" (NYTimes, Apr 4, 2020).

This while the popular Sun Valley ski resort area has the largest per capita concentration of coronavirus cases in the nation.

Yes, Trump is to determined to show himself such a hero, so deserving of re-election, that yesterday he declared that he could see "light at the end of the tunnel." This is simply delusional. Since he doesn't read, much less read history, he walks right into the mistakes of his predecessors.

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Bush addresses the nation aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln

Last updated on Apr 11, 2020



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