Superbowl 2020 party

| Since the end of the 20th century, various groupings of friends have assembled to observe the quasi-holiday known as SuperBowl (or Super Bowl if you're a stickler for all things NFL). Over time, the exact make-up of the group for any one year has changed, a natural result of people moving away. But there are always some hard-core participants.  more


Trump sees light at the end of the tunnel

| What's that old saying about being condemned to repeat the past if you can't learn from it? According to Wikiquote the actual quote is "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" but there are many variations.  more


I alone can open it

| Yesterday's coronavirus briefing from the White House was anything but a briefing. It was a pity party, a recitation of grievances, ranting and raving with a generous helping of campaign propaganda thrown in.  more


Happy birthday 77

| A year ago today, I was looking forward to my 76th birthday, hoping it would be better than my 75th year.  more


A cellphone video sparks a movement

| Cellphone cameras are chronicling the world, and the potential power of what they capture has been demonstrated far and wide over the past two weeks.  more


Reality pierces the Trump bubble

| It was supposed to be Trump's triumphant return to the campaign trail where he would soak up the adulation of a packed arena full of adoring, cheering fans. It would confirm the story being told by the White House — the coronavirus had been vanquished, the economy was recovering, and everything under the Decisive Leadership of Donald Trump was getting back to normal, just in time for the November election.  more


Coronavirus 4th of July

| Ah, the 4th of July, the centerpiece of the summer. Time to fire up the grill and have friends over to enjoy idle talk, good food, and adult beverages. Then, when dark approaches, head for a red, white, and blue pyrotechnic extravaganza.  more


Snail mail is now a real thing

| Snail mail isn't just a mocking way of referring to the postal service, as opposed to email. Trump and his lackey, Louis DeJoy, have now made snail mail a reality. Stories about delivery slowdowns and the removal of high-speed sorting machines abound. I can attest, personally, to the slowdown.  more


The president is sick

| It was inevitable. For months Trump has been downplaying the coronavirus and putting himself and others in situations with a high risk of transmission: packing supporters on the White House lawn for the Republican convention, holding indoor and outdoor rallies without physical distancing or using masks, exhorting states to open all their businesses and send all the kids back to school. Of course Trump contracted the virus.  more


The fly of the lord

| The one and only vice-presidential debate took place last night, pitting Kamala Harris against Mike Pence. But the clear winner of the evening was a big black fly that perched on Pence's immaculately coiffed head for over two minutes.  more


I voted. Have you?

| With the commander-in-chief of lawlessness and disorder in the White House, opportunities for skullduggery abound for this election. Whether you believe this election is for the "soul of our nation" (I do), it has been said over and over again that this is the most important election of our lifetimes.  more


Day trip to Julian

| We are creatures of habit. Last year we made a day jaunt to Julian, a charming little town in the mountains east of San Diego. So where did we go this year? Julian.  more



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