A perfect way to spend a Sunday

The ensemble sings the finale from Turandot by Puccini

| I'm not sure anymore when we started going to Opera in the Park. I found pictures and a website article from 2006, so I think that's the first year. We've gone every year since.

After weeks and weeks of "winter" Mother Nature decided to turn on "summer" for the concert. Balmy temperatures in the low 80s, no wind, clear sky. A perfect Sunday to spend in the park listening to great music.

Originally we were part of a huge group organized by Phil as a giant pot-luck brunch, and 30 people or so would show up with their dishes and beverages to share. That has gone by the wayside, and now it's just the usual suspects.

the usual suspects
This year we opted to bring our own canopy for shade. We were generous and allowed others to encroach in the shadow cast by our canopy. Next year we're bringing a tablecloth, vase of flowers, and maybe a chandelier.
some things never change
Some things never change, like copious quantitites of champagne

For a few years now we have chosen not to bring the usual brunch buffet, but to rely on food trucks and stands for victuals. Alas, this year there were almost none — it was a choice of ice cream or smoothies! (Not that there's anything wrong with either of those.) Somehow, we didn't really miss it because we had so many snacks and so much champagne to drink. Réal re-purposed a left-over strawberry from breakfast to garnish his champagne. Note to self: bring more strawberries.

Just as we always situate ourselves in the same spot, so do those who sit under the main tent, for the most part. Two particular groups are always right in front of us, and each hires a caterer to do the food and drink. One group hires Lulu, and the caterer is a joy to watch: everything comes out of the truck fully prepared; he knows exactly where everything is going to go on the table; and just as fast as you can say "I'll have some champagne if you don't mind" he's fully set and parked his catering truck until the event is over.

The other caterer is fascinating to watch, for she is the most disorganized caterer imaginable. She brings everything in little bags and containers and spends an inordinate amount of time unpacking it, placing it on the table, moving it around, re-packing it, putting it out again in difference places, etc. Meanwhile, the Lulu caterer could have set up four or five different buffets. In fairness, one year she gave us samples of some of her little tidbits, and they were really, really good. But it is shocking that the group, consisting of board members of the Opera Guild, doesn't seem to notice the comparison.

many group under the tent bring elaborate buffets to enjoy before the concert
Rehearsal continues while everyone gets set up for their nosh

Meanwhile, those in the back of the tent who bought individual seats ($40 each) perched themselves on wooden folding chairs and got acquainted with the perfect strangers sitting near them.

individual seats at the rear of the tent
Obviously, we have to get some flowers for next year

As it always is, the concert was spectacular. It is a joy to see and hear these young, aspiring singers with voices that are truly a gift.

Luis Leon and Peter Barber
Luis León and Peter Barber singing an aria from Les Pêcheurs de Perles by Bizet
Paul and Luis
Paul and Luis León after the concert (Photo by Bob)
program cover
Cover of this year's incredible shrinking program (it used to be at least double the size)

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