| Yesterday, the usual suspects drove to Lancaster to check out the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Even from miles away you could see hillsides carpeted in orange, blue, and yellow. It's a very good year.

Poppies are, of course, the star of the show, and they are everywhere. Miles before you get to the actual park, there are hundreds of people who simply stop by the side of the road to revel in Mother Nature's feast for the eyes. To be sure, some of them tromp all over the precious poppies to get their perfect selfie among the poppies, and these selfish people need to be punished, severely.

Perky poppies with a few yellow gems

It was an absolutely glorious day: temperatures in the 60s, partly sunny, and only the slightest hint of a breeze — just enough to make the poppies flutter. And quite obviously, a lot of other people had the same idea we did. When we arrived shortly after 10am the driveway to the park was full of cars waiting their turn to look for a place to park. By the time we left, cars were lined up on the highway for at least a couple of miles before even getting to the park driveway!

view with highway and driveway visible
If you look just beyond the buildings in the center of the picture. you can see the cars lined up along the highway and in the driveway to the park
cars waiting to approach the park
While leaving, we met all these cars lined up on the highway, waiting their turn to the park

The usual suspects

Réal, Paul, Bob
Réal, Paul, Bob
Réal takes a picture of Don
Réal photographing Don
Bob among the poppies
Bob among the poppies
Don the paparazzo
Don the paparazzo
poppies and other flowers
Wherever you looked there was some kind of flower
purple flower
One kind of purple flower
another purple flower
Another purple flower

On one of our other trips we had stopped at an interesting little cafe just off the I-15 on CA-138, the Mountain Top Cafe, and we decided that that would be our lunch destination. It's a funky kind of place with a long history. It's basically comfort food at reasonable prices. I ordered a salad that came in a washtub (well, not really, but it was so big I took half of it home as my dinner). We quickly decided this was another of our favorite little restaurants.


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Last updated on Apr 2, 2019



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