Everybody loves a parade

spectators lining the street

| The Festival of Lights parade was Saturday evening, and the usual rule prevailed: if you want good seats, get there early, really early.

long-pants platoon
The long-pants platoon — and long pants were definitely in order

The usual suspects met at 4pm to stake out prime viewing spots in our usual location, in front of the Palm Canyon Theatre near the end of the parade route. We had no trouble finding a parking place, due to sharp eyes of the look-outs and a bit of finesse on the part of Sophie. Importantly, the car was parked facing in the right direction for a quick getaway after the parade.

When we arrived just after 4pm, there were almost no spots left along the curb for unobstructed viewing (except, of course, for the rude people who insist on standing in the street in front of everybody). However, there was a city van parked across the crosswalk and no chairs on the sidewalk behind it! Aha! A bit of chit-chat and we found out that the van was waiting for Garfield who was in the theatre getting dressed and would be the Grand Marshal for the children. The driver insisted that we couldn't put our chairs down at that moment because Garfield and friend would need unobstructed space to get in the van, but after she left.... Great. We'll wait.

Garfield emerges for the ride to the parade start
Garfield and friends head for their van

It turns out that when you have a really, really big head and a fat stomach, you need a lot of guidance to board a van. It was all quite amusing. Earlier, Garfield had been on hand for the lighting of the Christmas tree in the park next to the theatre.

Garfield at tree lighting
Garfield at tree lighting

Before the parade began, we noshed on Buffalo chicken wraps made by Don, a plethora of cookies and other goodies, and coffee laced with Kahlua and Crema de Coca, which was very tasty indeed.

Having observed these parades now for several years, I have to say that they could use a good producer. The parade was rather herky-jerky with big gaps in between certain entries. An unlighted black banner with grey lettering is not very effective in the dark. A pickup truck with a few people sitting in the bed doesn't mean much or generate much energy and enthusiasm.

The cast of Hairspray (which opened the night before) was in the parade and at least they had music playing.

Sadly, my photography of the parade was halted when the following appeared in my viewfinder after taking a few snaps.

dead battery

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