An unintended harvest of red agave seeds

blossoms, seed pods, and seeds
Stalks, blossoms, seed pods, and seeds

| Each year the red agave sends up a tall stalk, four or five feet long, on which appear lovely red blossoms that eventually turn into seed pods. Leave them long enough, and the seed pods dry up, open up, and spew red agave seeds all over.

I finally got around to cutting down the stalks this afternoon and collected them on the patio before cutting them into shorter lengths that would fit the trash can. That simple act was enough to make the seed pods disgorge hundreds of seeds all over the patio.

The seeds are curious in themselves. For one thing, they're black. Then there is the shape. Essentially they are a perfectly flat disk with one straight edge, as if one side of the disk had been sliced off.

And I do know the seeds grow readily. If we have rain this winter, there will be hundreds of little agave plants taking root where they don't belong!

Last updated on Oct 25, 2018



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