Cheeky little fellow


| This morning I opened the garage to carry a couple of things to the curb for clean-up week and reset the clock on the irrigation system. When I turned around after setting the clock, there was a cheeky little roadrunner right behind me.

I had carried my phone with me so I would know the time to set the clock. He retreated slightly while I fiddled with the phone to use the camera. But then he advanced again, coming just a few feet from me, rattling his beak. It wasn't the "beep, beep" sound as in cartoons, but definitely a rattle. I could see his beak flapping!

Not being fluent in roadrunner, I wasn't sure if the rattling was a menacing rattle or a cheery hi-how-ya-doin' rattle. He seemed quite calm, no wing-flapping or aggressive vocalization. I reciprocated by clicking away with my camera.

Eventually, he got tired of the game — probably found me quite boring — and strode off into the shrubbery looking for breakfast I suppose.

But it was a fine start to the day, a close encounter of the roadrunner kind.

Postscript: I noticed this afternoon that the two stools I put out had disappeared, even though the trash truck won't come until Thursday. It's always this way: they ask you to put your stuff out at the curb early in the week, hoping, I'm sure, that they'll have less to pick up later! The neighbor across the street had put out 4 ratty old lawn chairs; they were gone as well.

Last updated on Oct 23, 2018



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