A year of anniversaries

The concert finale

| After days of punishing wind, Sunday dawned calm — too calm — and the skies were crystal clear — too clear. In short, Opera in the Park 2018 would be a broiler for anyone not under shade. And that turned out to include the usual suspects.

Since 2006, when we began attending Opera in the Park, it has always been our practice to get to the park by half-past stupid and claim a prime viewing spot, just outside the main tent and under the shade of a tree for almost the entire time. Of course, when I said "our practice" that really means Réal's practice. While he guarded our turf, others would be at home preparing breakfast which we would enjoy while listening to the orchestra and singers rehearse the entire program.

But trouble reared its ugly head in the form of a text: Somebody else got here earlier than me and took our spot! They erected two shade tents, which were already in the shade!

It didn't take long for the UV rays to start doing their work. Skin that hadn't seen sustained sun in ever so long began to crisp, crackle, and pop.

Bob had found his safari hat, thought lost for several years, and he protected the back of his neck.

I realized that my knees were well on the way to being "extra crispy" so I draped them in extra napkins. My arms would have to look out for themselves; no napkins were big enough.

Réal, on the other hand, goes hiking every week and is at least somewhat accustomed to being out in the sun. Nevertheless, he soon looked a little rosy, too.

our spot
Our spot — for the last 12 years!!!
Paul's knees
I was beyond caring that it looked ridiculous
All Paul
I was also far from full enjoyment
Réal kept well hydrated — with champagne
Bob's hat
Bob's Lawrence of Arabia look
Bob's hat
In a different fabric, it could be a deerstalker hat

As it so happened, there were anniversaries to celebrate this year.

program cover
This was the 20th production of Opera in the Park
program cover
The Opera Guild itself is 50 years old!
13 years

This year was our 13th year attending Opera in the Park. Not unrelated to the blistering of our skin under the solar furnace, we decided that one of two things needed to happen:

  • We pay to sit inside the main tent with the beautiful people
  • We buy a canopy so we will have shade wherever we end up

Stay tuned!

A few other pictures...

Bob from bowling
We spied Bob from bowling years ago sitting inside the tent. Lucky duck!
This guy spent a great deal of his time marking up various documents and studying his calendar. Of course I admonished him.
a young woman from DHS
She came by to ask something, and she looked so cool and collected I simply had to snap a picture
New this year were sail cloths to block the sun from those sitting near the stage under the tent
Also new this year, a big banner across the stage with the logos of major sponsors

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