A game worth watching and a worthy party

Superbowl 52

| Although some of the usual suspects were missing, the annual peripatetic Super Bowl party came off in splendid fashion.

"Splendid" starts with the weather: although it is only the beginning of February, Mother Nature has, for several days now, provided clear blue skies, calm breezes, and temperatures to bask in (we're talking mid-80s here). In fact, I was forced at one point in the afternoon to turn on the air conditioner!

As a result of the balmy weather, we spent the time before the game on the patio, sipping champagne and munching on appetizers.

The usual and unusual suspects
Clockwise from left: Jim, Donna, Bob, Angela, Don, Richard, Réal's empty chair, Kenne. Paul is reflected in the window, in case you're wondering where he is

There was no shortage of good things to nosh on: bacon-wrapped water chestnuts (2 varieties), pizza bites on baguette, chips and salsa, jicama food art, red pepper cheese dip and crackers, and so on.

Eventually Jim summoned us in with the news that the national anthem was about to start; at least some of us kneeled, although it appears that none of the football players did (but there were a lot of hands on teammates' shoulders instead of over hearts).

As usual, we ate at half-time: barbecued ribs (thanks, Tony Roma!), salade de pomme de terre (potato salad), baked beans, coleslaw, and carrot cake for dessert. What's not to like about that?

The game turned out to be better than usual. Even the non-football fans (most of us) found it interesting inasmuch as it was close (not lop-sided like a lot of Super Bowl games), and up until the final minutes it was anybody's game. Réal vociferously cheered for the Patriots, due to his New England allegiance. The rest of us mostly cheered for the Eagles because the Patriots have won too many Super Bowls already. Égalité and all that.


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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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