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Christmas ornaments

| The usual suspects assembled on Christmas afternoon Chez Bob for the annual feast and frivolity, both of which were in ample supply.

Bob, host with the mostest
Réal - moi?
Rafe, being shy LOL

Christmas day turned out to be lovely. After days of gale-force winds not a windmill was stirring, and the skies were blue as blue can be.

starters in the living room
Can you guess who's local and who's a snowbird? Hint: Look below the waist.
Rafe made sure glasses were always topped up
Bob as Santa Maharaja

Bob is always looking for some little novelty to liven things up, and this year he found some interesting wine-glass markers. You've all seen them, little charms that clip on the stem of the glass so you can identify your own, as in Mine is the one with a bunch of grapes.

wine glass markers
In addition to different colored swim suits, each had his name emblazoned on his butt. Mine was Chad.
With a little imagination, they were soon doing tricks, like trapeze
at play
Or tricks of another kind

Ah, yes, the feasting! The feasting began with appetizers and champagne. Réal brought fiery-hot chicken wings and chicken tenders. I brought mundane cheese, tapenade, and crackers. Kenney brought bites of cantalope paired with Proseco salami (who knew there was such a thing?). All good. All filling. All over-indulged. As usual.

Réal, Bob, and I each had a rib-eye roast in the freezer (mine was from last Christmas!), so Bob and I decided we would each do a roast, giving lots of leftovers for doggie bags. Rafe brought mashed potatoes. Then we found out that Kenney and Richard have decided they don't eat beef anymore, so there were even more slabs of prime rib left over. Bless his heart, Bob went out to the Honey-Baked Ham store and came back with an assortment of ham, turkey, and three different sides. It was a win-win.

I decided to try a recipe for "Burgundy mushrooms" that basically involved simmering mushrooms in a combination of wine, broth, butter, and herbs for 9 hours (yes, 9 hours, that is not a typo). I was at once taken by the idea of the recipe but was also rather leery that the mushrooms might just turn to mush after 9 hours. Also, many comments about the recipe remarked that it was rather salty, so I made some adjustments both in technique and ingredients (in other words I really made an entirely different recipe!). Apparently they were the right adjustments because everyone raved about them.

Kenney's carrot cake
Kenney's carrot cake

And of course, Kenney made his now-famous carrot cake for dessert.

To make matters worse, I had brought along a caramel-tasting sampler from Trader Joe's. There were twelve different chocolate-covered candies, and the idea was to see if you could identify the secret ingredient in each one. After a few, it all became simply too much.

too much

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