The end of an era

No more trees
No more trees

| When the wind blew one of my mesquite trees down last week, it was the beginning of the end. Inspecting the fallen tree and comparing it with the three still standing forced the conclusion that the trees were a disaster waiting to happen. All it would take is some winter rain to loosen the dirt and a strong wind to do the tipping.

This morning Jorge and his assistant showed up with all their gear and soon made short work of cutting all the branches off the trees. These were then carried out to the front and stacked on the street and in the driveway to feed the chipper.

Jorge sawing off branches
Jorge up a tree, sawing off branches
Jorge's assistant sawing off branches
Jose tackled the branches of the tree already blown down
Piles of branches awaiting the chipper
Piles of branches awaiting the chipper
Jaws of the chipper
My, what big teeth you have!

There was a certain amount of collateral damage, to be expected. Some of the plants were trodden underfoot and a number of drip emitters were snapped off. Easily replaced.

Nothing left but the trunks
Before long, there was nothing left of the trees but bare trunks

The irony of it all, is that the tree that seemed most precarious, the one on the right, was the most difficult to bring down. Eventually the two guys both climbed to the top of the remaining trunk and swung back and forth until the roots finally, slowly, gave way.

Jorge is so slim that he weight was never going to bring that trunk down
Jorge is so slim that his weight was never going to bring that trunk down

Getting the stumps and roots out revealed even more broken pipes, so this one-day job turned into a day and a half.

The plan for now is to wait until the new year to look for replacement trees. When I do replace them, the irrigation will definitely not be surface water! Trees need to be watered down deep so their roots are encouraged to grow down.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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