Getting with the holiday spirit

Santa Claus float in the parade
The Santa Claus float at the parade finale

| Palm Springs always holds its Festival of Lights parade on the first Saturday in December. Some years it is bitterly cold; other years quite balmy. This year it was clement: cool, but not so cold as to induce shivering.

The usual suspects

Bob and Real
Bob (left) and Réal

As usual, we went early to claim our spots along the parade route, but when we got there at 4:30pm, all the curbside seating had already been claimed! Looks like we'll have to go even earlier next year.

The parade

This year's parade was an assortment of bands, old cars, fire-engines, marching groups, floats, balloons, and so on. But there were a number of new entrants this year.

Unfortunately, this year's parade was marred by very poor organization. At times there were long gaps, and nothing kills the parade spirit than sitting there wondering where the rest of the parade is. Also, for a festival of lights parade, there were too many units without any lights. Or, alternatively, blinding lights except for the sign saying who the group is! Particularly disappointing was that the parade was led by a color guard of flags, which no one could see because there was no lighting on them. How hard can it be to attach a small LED spotlight to the base of the flagpole and light up the flag?

the crowd lining the street
Crowd lining the street near the end of the parade
occasionally a marching band would stop marching long enough to take a snap
Occasionally a marching band would stop marching long enough to take a half-decent snapshot
otherwise they are just a blur
Otherwise they are just a blur
Old cars are always popular
Old cars are always popular, especially when well-decorated
fire truck
Fire trucks provide a huge canvas for clever lighting
Floats are always appreciated
dancing christmas trees
A new group, The Dancing Christmas Trees, was clever, but alas, they will never take the place of the Dancing Tractor


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