We are thankful!

A day to give thanks

| Thanksgiving Day was served up as a near-perfect day: clear skies, soft breezes from time to time, warm (yea, a bit too warm, TBH).

wisps of clouds on a gorgeous fall day
Sky to the south
clear skies to the north
Sky to the north

The usual suspects

Bob (Photo by Rafe)
Ken (Photo by Rafe)
Paul (Photo by Rafe)
Real (Photo by Rafe)
Don, in absentia

It was such a beautiful day it would have been criminal not to have starters on the patio. Of course, in the usual way these things turn out, the starters could have been a full meal. But to not proceed to the feasting would be un-American.

Starters on the patio
Starters on the patio
Table for the main event
Inside, the table was ready for the main event (Photo by Rafe)

The feast

So much food
A bountiful feast (Photo by Rafe)

Our parties are always minimally-planned pot lucks. Basically, the host provides the entree and the others bring the sides, with a little coordination in advance to know who will bring what.

So this year we had turkey, of course, and dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, a medley of roasted root vegetables, two kinds of cranberry sauce, and apple pie for dessert (which, for reasons you'll discern below, we never got around to eating).

The after party

By the time dinner was over, it had cooled off enough enough so the patio was cooler than inside the house, and we therefore moved back to the patio for coffee and post-dinner entertainments.

The program would be a taste-off between a Crema de Coco that we bought on a recent trip to Algodones and one that we had purchased on a cruise to Ensenada.

Now, the crux of the matter is that the Crema de Coco that we bought in Ensenada was really, really, really good. And when all the bottles had been consumed (or so we thought), we searched high and low to find more. In Cabo San Lucas we found a Crema de Coco that we tried and found terribly wanting. 

Fast forward to Algodones. After our appointments at the dentist, we visited the purple liquor store and found a Crema de Coco on the shelf that was not the same as the one we bought in Ensenada, but it comes from the same place in Michoacán and looked right. We brought a bottle home to try.

It turned out that Bob had had a bottle of the original Crema de Coco (from Ensenada), but was worried that it had turned. So we began with the new stuff, and found it superb! Then it was time to compare.

On the left, Crema de Coca from La Doña Lupe in Ensenada. On the right, Crema de Coca from Algodones.

In truth, the bottle that Bob had really did look nasty. And there was the usual dilemma of how to get the damned top off to pour it out. But five smart guys can solve that problem. However, when the cap came off, the smell that arose from the bottle was not appealing. And when it came time to pour it out, it burbled out in globs and blobs. Clearly it was undrinkable.

And in another of those what's-happening-here-discoveries, Rafe found that the Crema de Coca label was actually on top of another label which, when revealed, called it Licor de Membrillo. Go figure!

Bob takes a sniff
Réal takes a sniff

Both pronounced it DOA

It poured in globs
Globs and blobs

Calling it a night

What with all the excitement of our taste-off and the soporific effects of over-eating and tryptophan, it got past our bedtimes before anyone realized that we had not had dessert. Oh, well, that's why they invented doggie bags.

Festivities went on into the night

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