Greater Palm Springs Pride

The usual suspects

| This past weekend was the Greater Palm Springs Pride Festival and Parade. The usual suspects assembled.

Bob (photo by Ken)
Paul (photo by Ken)

Alas, Réal was not able to join us this year because he had to work! Imagine!

Palm Springs Shame

Before we turn to the pride, let's talk about the Shame. You'll see that the background in most pictures is this ugly scene. And it has looked like this for months and months and months. You might think a construction site is a good sign, but you'd be wrong. Palm Springs turns out to be very business-unfriendly. Countless projects have submitted their plans to all the appropriate commissions and gotten OKs,  gone through the permitting and licensing processes, and started digging, only to have some last-minute objection from some loud, but minority corner, cause all work to cease and stay ceased. Or, there will be some bureaucratic red-tape snafu that will bring a project to its knees. So the question about this one now is, Will construction eventually resume? Or will the whole thing have to be razed and started anew?

Halted construction sites - Palm Springs' shame
One of several construction sites where work has been stopped.

Now the Pride

This year's parade was much like the parades of years passed, except that it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. Well, actually I do know quoi - namely, energy. It's hard to recover when the dykes on bikes are followed by quietly marching foot units and quiet cars with people no one knows. Several of the usual parade participants were missing this year and some of the old faithful put on very weak showings.

That said, the usual phenomena were on display.

Boys with lots of muscle tone and few clothes
Business boys with lots of muscle tone and few clothes (photo by Ken)
Marching bands (photo by Ken)
drag queens
Drag queens
Dogs of all sorts
Dogs of all sorts
Dog mask
One has to ask: Who let this dog out?
Porcupine man
Porcupine man (photo by Ken)
Dykes on bikes
Dykes on bikes
leather man
Leather men (photo by Ken)
Pierced men
Politicians - Congressman Raul Ruiz
Politicians - Congressman Raul Ruiz (D)


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