Somebody's wasting their money, and I'm glad

The president has asked
Where to begin?

| Somehow the Trumpeters have gotten hold of my email address, and I now regularly get email about MAGA and other things Trumpish.

The most recent one to hit my inbox came from "Trump Headquarters" with the subject line "At the President's request..." I strongly suspect that they are confusing me with the other Paul Williamson of Palm Springs, a known "conservative" noted for unhinged (IMHO) letters to the editor of the Desert Sun. Mind, that's only a suspicion, but a reasonable possibility given how slap-dash careless the Trumpeters have shown themselves to be.

That opening paragraph (above) is a work of art — maybe a dark art. I have not nor will I ever support Trump, much less be a "top supporter." Then "as one of our best" I am invited to participate in a one-question poll. This is the same DJT who went around the cabinet meeting and gave every one there an opportunity to say how blessed they were for the opportunity to work for/with him. Naturally they would think flattery would work on me; it's reminiscent of when Trump declared that Putin had called him "smart."

The "poll" itself was indeed one question, and it was a doozie.

The question
Funny. "Other" doesn't begin to encompass my possible answers.

You know how this is going to end, of course, but I decided to play along a bit to see how much worse it could possibly get. On clicking "Other" I was whisked away to a web page and presented with a form to check off which of Great, Good, Okay, or Other to rate Trump's performance, followed by a second question, marked "optional" that invited me to explain why I had selected the response that I had.

Note that, this actually turns the email itself into a lie, for the "poll" consists of not one, but two questions (albeit an optional one). This is simply a continuation of the pattern of telling lies all the time.

I had tried having Trump email blocked by my email program, but they seem to use an endless list of email addresses, so things creep through. I would try another tactic.

My answer
But how do I really feel?

As expected, once I had submitted my comment, I got a fund-raising appeal.

Now the begging for money begins
Let the begging for money begin!
donation form
Oh, I should have made my $0.00 contribution recurring!

Once again I clicked on Other and a box opened up where I could type my amount. For some reason it wouldn't accept my $0.00 contribution. Maybe if I had made it recurring...

My ploy didn't work. This morning there was another email announcing, in all-caps, naturally, MAGA hatALERT: MAGA HATS ON SALE. Yes, the little MAGA hat icons were part of the subject line!

Oh, well. I tried.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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