Moderation in the pursuit of patriotism is no virtue

The bunch
The usual suspects (L-R): Ken, Bob, Paul, Réal, Rafe (Photo by Rafe, who had to be 'shopped in during post-production)

| The Fourth of July came early this year, or so it seemed. Time flies when you're old and can't remember!

When the usual suspects showed up, I greeted them with a pitcher of Bloody Marys to set the right tone for the festivities. I had also discovered a section of Trader Joe's freezer aisle with boxes of frozen appetizer bites, so we tried out the pork and chicken Chinese dumplings. They were mighty fine and will certainly be on the shopping list again.

Apart from a thorough discussion of all the world's woes, a big part of our get-togethers is always food, and this was no exception. Réal brought a wheelbarrow-ful of rib-eye steaks, on sale for about the price of hamburger; Ken brought his now-famous semi-homemade potato salad, Bob naturally supplied his world-famous baked beans, and Rafe harvested ears of sweetcorn. For dessert, we went simple: ice cream sundaes with bananas, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, chopped pecans. There should have been whipped cream and maraschino cherries as well, but somehow those accoutrements were overlooked.

Paul and Real
Paul and Réal having a serious discussion about something - or nothing! (Photo by Ken)
Bob and Paul
Bob pays careful attention (Photo by Ken)
Bob, fading fast (Photo by Ken)
This may have had something to do with it (Photo by Paul, the next morning)

Lest anyone think this was simply a drunken revel, I must point out that while copious amounts of adult beverages were consummed, it was over a seven-hour period with heaping platefuls of food added to the mix. But yeah, we were pretty happy!

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