And we quote: "I thought it would be easier"

Trump signing
Donald Trump doing one of the few things he seems capable of: drawing his seismographic signature on an executive order

| All through the campaign, Donald Trump kept saying, "I'm sure I can. I know I can. I'm the only one who can." In short order, "on day one," he would do this and that, promising to tame Washington with the force of his deal-making prowess. He would use the bully pulpit to bully those who wouldn't succumb to his will.

Well, a hundred days have passed since Trump was inaugurated, and we've seen how that's all worked out. 

Donald Trump sold himself as a super-skillful businessman who knew how to get things done, as someone who would be a strong and effective leader, just what the country needed after the feckless Obama (in Trump's telling). Guess what? Trump can't get anything done. Even several of the vaunted executive orders amount to little more than memos to cabinet secretaries to look into something.

Faced with resistance or outright opposition, Trump has become the Caver-in-Chief. One campaign promise after another has fallen by the wayside. Oh well. Let me eat cake.

Let me make it clear that I am delighted that Trump has turned out to be so incompetent. The great fear amongst many of us was that he would be an authoritarian tyrant. Turns out he's pretty much a paper tiger.

He has already wrought great damage on our country, but imagine how much worse it would be if he were any good at it.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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