group selfie
Front: Richard; Middle (L-R): Ken, Kenny, Bob; Rear: Réal, Paul (Photo by Richard)

Reverse migration time!

| As May approaches, the snowbirds wintering in the desert take flight and head north. Our Canadians are no exception.

Accordingly, the Gang of 7 (actually 6 because Rafe had to work) got together for a final feast. And what a feast it was: Réal found a rib-eye roast in his freezer, Bob baked up his world-famous beans, Ken reprised his cheesy potatoes, Kenny made delicious pots au crème, and Paul roasted the roast and made a salad. Oh, let's not forget that Réal also whipped up some mac-and-cheese-and-bacon balls that were scrumptious.

We spent the evening trading views on all the important world events, speculating how far down the line of succession one might find a quasi-acceptable president, should an opening occur.

It was also the first day this year that the temperature approached the magical triple digits, and in observance of that and the reality that I had had the oven on all afternoon, I turned on the A/C for the first time in 2017. Having just checked my thermometer, I see that the maximum yesterday was 99°F. Close, but no cigar.

We wish Richard and Kenny an uneventful flight home to Montréal and advise them to avoid altercations with flight-crew members, who seem to be becoming unhinged.

Au revoir!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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