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Opera in the Park

| Sunday was the 19th annual Opera in the Park and Mother Nature was kind. It was a very pleasant day, mostly sunny with no wind, and people flocked to Sunrise Park for an afternoon of splendid arias and puttin' on the Ritz - or just enjoying the performances.

As usual, Réal went early to stake a claim on prime real estate outside the tent, and this year Réal was the very first person at the park. Meanwhile, Bob and I slaved over a hot stove to prepare breakfast.

Apart from securing prime seating for the concert, one of the benefits of going is early is being able to watch and listen to rehearsal, as the orchestra and singers run through the entire program.

Rehearsal for one of the ensemble numbers
The concert finale. They do clean up nicely, don't you think?

The singing was excellent. I wonder what it must be like to realize you can open your mouth and produce such superlative sound. Of course, we all think we sound terrific in the shower, but that assessment never withstands scrutiny.

The announcement during rehearsal was too apt: "If you're a singer, please come to the stage. If you just think you can sing, don't come to the stage."

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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