Super Bowl LI, Super Bowl Party XVIII

Pismo Beach

| Since 1999, a stalwart group of friends have observed the quasi-official national holiday called the Super Bowl by assembling at some central location to eat, drink, be merry, and more-or-less watch the game, er, commercials. This year's location was in Pismo Beach, a charming little city on California's Central Coast.

We rented a house just a few steps from the beach with an outstanding view of the beach and pier.

Rental house
Our house, the two-story one in the back
View from the house
View of the beach and pier from our living room

Usually when we get together like this, we cook up a storm, trying all our best dishes. This year, the watchword was "simplify" so we cooked once the night that everyone got there, got take-out for the game on Sunday, and ate out the rest of the time. Worked out quite well.

For the second consecutive year, Hal and Carolyn joined us for some of the days, and on Sunday Jim's friends Rick and Shiela drove up from Ventura. So, it was a jolly group.

Jim making almond lemon tart
Jim making almond butter tart
Finished tart
The finished tart
Carolyn making salad
Carolyn making a super salad
Carolyn kibbitzing
When she wasn't kibbitzing
Bob and Carolyn making coq au vin
Bob and Carolyn made Jim's version of coq au vin
Coq au vin
And it was delicious
Watched pot never boils
While making rice, which she "bought in a sack," Angela proved once again that a watched pot does not boil
Paul working on his appetite
Meanwhile, Paul worked on his appetite

The beach and pier are the center of Pismo life. Although it was rainy and dreary, and (to my mind) cold for four of the five days there, people were always walking on the beach, playing volleyball on the beach, walking on the pier, fishing from the pier, and so on.

filming on the pier

When we walked out onto the pier on Saturday, we had an opportunity to watch a small film crew at work. The star of the scene was a young woman dressed in a micro-skirt and sweater with some sort of animal on it (a school mascot perhaps?), twirling a baton while standing on a table. Most of the crew busied themselves with waving cardboard sheets around to fluff her hair and skirt.

My guess was a student film project, but Bob, who knows about these things, declared that the presence of a "craft table" with goodies for the crew signified a professional project.

What I can say is that the poor dear looked near-anorexic and half frozen.


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