Sailing on the Crown Princess

Crown Princess

| The usual suspects are always looking for an excuse to cruise, and we found that Princess Cruise Lines offers a 5-day cruise from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas and back. Bear in mind that when Princess says "5-day" they really mean "5-night."

  • Thurday - Depart Los Angeles (San Pedro), 4pm
  • Friday - At sea
  • Saturday - Arrive Cabo San Lucas, 1pm
  • Sunday - Depart Cabo San Lucas, 1pm
  • Monday - At sea
  • Tuesday - Arrive Los Angeles (San Pedro), 6:30am

The Crown Princess can carry a maximum of 3599 passengers and a crew of 1201. At one point I did see a sign that the ship was sailing full.

Lido deck
The Lido deck (deck 15) with pools and buffet dining. On the two ends of the ship there are additional smaller decks above the Lido deck (decks 16, 17, 18, and 19).
Riviera deck
The Riviera deck (deck 14) where our staterooms were located (R238 and R234 in the front of the ship. Since we were high and forward, we enjoyed considerable pitching and rolling the last night of rough seas.

With two days at sea there was plenty of time for relaxing, eating, relaxing, eating, relaxing, eating....

Photo-op on the Promenade deck

Taking advantage of warm sun on the Promenade deck

Breakfast on the Lido deck

Breakfast on the Lido deck

Bloody Marys at the Outrigger bar

Can't start the morning without Bloody Marys, served up best at the Outrigger bar on the Lido deck overlooking the Terrace pool and the wake following the ship

Sunrise approaching Cabo

After a cold day at sea, we approached Cabo with a glorious sunrise, which one of us was up early enough to see.

Dolphins playing with the ship

A large school of dolphins came out to play with the ship, and someone who was up early got to see them. Unfortunately, their nimbleness exceeds someone's camera skills.

Watching tendering operations before going into town

There is no pier at Cabo, so ships anchor in the bay and tender passengers into the marina.

Tenders ready to take people ashore

A swarm of tenders was ready to take people ashore for excursions or just to visit the town. We would just go into town and wander about.

Cabo Cantina

The part of the city surrounding the marina is tourist-central. We headed for the side streets in search of somewhere to have dinner.

Dinner at Las Guacamayas

Bob befriended a merchant on the street who recommended Las Guacamayas for 'auténtico' food. Probably owned by the guy's sister, but never mind — the food was good and quite inexpensive.

Champagne on the balcony

Having champagne on the balcony before dinner is so very civilized. (Princess lets each passenger bring one bottle of wine or champagne for stateroom consumption.)

The parade of baked alaska

At the final dinner, the Parade of Baked Alaska is performed to waving napkins and patriotic music. Everyone from the kitchens takes part.

Rommell and Malica

Our waiters in the Botticelli dining room were Rommell (Philippines) and Malica (Serbia), here decked out in red, white, and blue for the Parade of Baked Alaska. They were great and we really enjoyed being served by them.

Sunset on the last day at sea

The sunset after our last day at sea was probably amazing, but we wouldn't know. Couldn't be late for dinner!

We did not win at bingo

We did not win at bingo. But somebody did, to the tune of over $2000. Drats!

An amusing sign

That pretty much covers it, don't you think? (Photo by Ken)

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