Giving thanks, again

The national bird
The "national bird" roasted to perfection

| As is now traditional, the usual suspects assembled Chez Paul to give thanks, otherwise known as a day of gluttony.

The usual suspects


The food

Customarily, we have way too much food, and this year was no exception.

Also as usual, there was discussion and mocking about food from Thanksgivings past, particularly 2009 when the cranberry sauce spent dinner in the refrigerator, the dressing spent dinner in the oven, and the gravy melted down on the stove. It sounds like a total disaster, but the truth is there was so much other food that nothing was missed!

The conversation

Naturally cruising was a hot topic. Bob, Réal, Ken and I had just returned from a 5-day cruise to Cabo San Lucas, and Rafe is about to sail on a week-long cruise to the "Mexican Riviera" which includes Cabo and other Mexican resort cities.

Naturally politics was a hot topic. Fear and trepidation over the looming Trump administration. The inanity of the Electoral College vis-à-vis the popular vote. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and whether it has a snowball's chance in Hell of ever succeeding. Various other outrages and grievances, the usual stuff.

The pictures

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