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| Faithful readers will remember that I have on occasion commented on the fact that there is another Paul Williamson who lives in the desert.

This other Paul Williamson writes letters to the editor of The Desert Sun. It is an understatement to say that his politics are the antithesis of my own, and each time I have "some 'splainin' to do" to reassure my friends that no, I do not harbor right-wing beliefs that from time to time emerge in the form of these letters. My friend Bob seems to read every single word printed in The Desert Sun, and he takes great glee in snipping out these letters and confronting me with them to deny.

Saturday night was no exception. When we met for dinner, he immediately drew a clipping out of his pocket saying, "I'm sure you would want to see this." Lo and behold, there was a picture of the aforementioned "other Paul Williamson" illustrating a long article about vigilante poll watchers in the desert, formally known as the "Election Integrity Project." As is usual with these right-wing things, they have come up with an innocuous name to cloak their true intent, in this case voter suppression. After all, who could possibly be against "election integrity"?

The Election Integrity Project, although it defines itself as non-partisan, operates as a platform for the conservative Heritage Foundation, the right wing, and the Tea Party groups True the Vote and the non-profit iCaucus. Their website raises the ubiquitous fearful specter of voter fraud; their intent is to police the act of voting itself, to assure that “every lawfully cast vote [is] accurately counted.”

So here are our very own volunteers:

The other Paul Williamson
Source: The Desert Sun: "Five of the Election Integrity Project volunteers, from left: Don Donnelly, Paul Williamson [not me], Val Ogburn, Zane Williamson and Nancy Carter. They plan to monitor polling stations in the desert."

The article in The Desert Sun, California conservatives to observe polling stations, revealed just how partisan these guys are. To join the meeting they would have to post a Trump/Pence sign in their yard and take two "Make America Great Again" hats. At a "training" meeting, volunteers said they would focus on polling stations that are overwhelmingly Democratic, and the meeting coordinator promised to send them a list of "vulnerable" places, such as campuses and senior care facilities.

Jeff Danzinger
Jeff Danziger

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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