Cheeky little birds come a-calling

Quail in front yard

| The looming election is too distressing to think about, so let's talk about quail.

My desk is situated right in front of a window overlooking my front yard, so I am witness to all sorts of visitors and passers-by. Most mornings it is roadrunners who drop by to forage for grubs and whatnot, and they are always amusing.

Monday, however, it was a pair of cheeky little quails that came calling. Quail are fascinating birds, what with their gray/black/white color scheme accented by a reddish-brown cap atop their heads and a single plume jutting forward over their beak. A strip of white circles their head, and another sets off the black throat, so the two stripes end at the eye.

And in motion, they are a wonder to behold. They can run really, really fast with their legs become a blur beneath their serenely stable bodies; only their legs appear to move, not the rest of their bodies. 

And here's the word of the day: gallinaceous. Quail are gallinaceous.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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