Annual fall excursion to Oak Glen


| When Fall comes, we always head up to apple country in Oak Glen. Beginning last year we discovered that it is much more pleasant to go on a weekday rather than the weekend.

The apple farms in Oak Glen produce an amazing harvest of apples and things made from apples, like apple cider. But they have also turned their agri-business into a tourist attraction, drawing thousands and thousands of people (and cars!) during apple season, roughly September through November, although most of the apples have been harvested by the end of October.

But never mind — we don't go to pick or buy apples. We go to have an outing in crisp fall air and a nice lunch. In years past we've visited all the farms, checked out all the quaint eateries, fairs, shops, etc. Now we just go to eat and enjoy each other's company.

Selfie taken by Ken
The usual suspects (L-R), Réal, Bob, Paul, and Ken, about to enjoy slices of apple pie a la mode.  It seems I must have been sucking on a lemon, although I don't remember doing any such thing. (Selfie by Ken)

We used to enjoy eating at Riley's Colonial Farm serving exotic "colonial" fare such as Forfar Birdie, "a traditional Scottish beef pie," by serving wenches dressed in colonial garb, but two years ago the pot pies that we used to enjoy starting coming in aluminum tins nested in a ramekin, instead of made in the ramekins with a crust baked on the ramekin. Clearly, a frozen-food  purveyor had taken over the kitchen!

So, we switched to Law's Oak Glen Coffee Shop where the food is comforting, copious, and delicious. On a weekend you have to wait in line a long time, but on a weekday, you can be seated almost immediately. Our kind of place.

We chose to spread our apple dollars around, so after having lunch we looked for another place to have the traditional apple crisp. Eventually we ended back at Riley's Colonial Farm which did not have apple crisp, but did have delicious apple pie. But who knows, really? The young missy who was minding the bakery window didn't even know what apple crisp was, much less if they had it. She said it was her first day, but c'mon! At least acquaint your employees with the goods on the menu.

Bob actually bought a bag of apples this year, discovering only too late that the same variety of apples were being sold for a much lower price at the next farm down the road. And I bought a packet of table-cloth clips to use on my round bistro table, only to discover when I got them home that they don't work on a table that has a rounded edge. Oh, well!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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