Email storm from Trump Tower

Trump speaking
Trump "speaking" - also known as "ranting," "raving," "insulting," "lying," "bragging," "vulgarizing," proving himself unfit to be president, etc.

| My, oh my! My inbox runneth over. Somehow I have gotten onto the Trump email distribution list, and according to some of the emails, I am "a dedicated, loyal, and extremely generous supporter."

Since I am no such thing (supporter, of any kind), I was holding forth at dinner Saturday night with the Bunch about being so regarded and expressing my sincere perplexity as to how this happened. Someone said, maybe he has you confused with the other Paul Williamson. Aha! I had completely forgotten about the fact that there is indeed another Paul Williamson who lives in Palm Springs and who is renowned for writing right-wing letters to the editor of The Desert Sun.

Of course he would have contributed to Trump. Of course he would have been generous. Of course the Trump "organization" (such as it is) would have mined for an email address and sucked up mine instead of his.

This morning there has been a veritable storm of emails, no less than 6 of them since 5:13am this morning (it's now 2:34pm).


Email at 5:13am
Email at 5:13am

What I like about this email is that it purports to be forwarding a memo from Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, but as you can see the memo was not sent to Donald Trump but to me! It's just part of one long email written in two different fonts. I just love it when these guys don't know enough to even pull of a proper "forward" of an email!

And don't you just love this map? Virginia is "too close to call"? I guess, if you think that Hillary's 13-point advantage is "close" and her running mate is a popular former governor and senator from that state.

And by the way, RealClearPolitics puts the current state of the electoral map as Clinton/Kaine: 262 vs Trump/Pence: 126 with 150 electoral "toss up" votes. And the NY Times Upshot elections model currently has Hillary with a 92% chance to win, which they describe as "about the same probability that an NFL kicker misses a 30-yard field goal."

In other words, Kellyanne's map is a complete and utter fantasy.


email at 7:20am
Email at 7:20am

Trump attributes the idea of asking for $20.17 to his son Eric. Hah!

And then there's the proposterous idea that, let's say everybody did contribute $20.17, Eric would present Trump with a complete list of those people in the morning. Hah!


Email at 8:12am
The Trump Black Card

I suppose this is the Trump campaign's answer to Hillary's Woman's Card. But what is the significance of it being black? Perhaps reflecting what a dark and sinister man Trump is. Or is it only because black makes a nice contrast with the faux gold lettering. In any case, left unsaid is what benefits you get by "activating" this black card. Maybe, again in answer to Hillary's promotion for a ride on the campaign plane, activating this card earns a ride on Trump One where one can sit in white leather and gold opulence. Or in the cargo hold, more likely.


Email at 10:11am
Email at 10:11am

At least they are aware that there are 15 days left. Thank goodness! Perhaps this madness can then stop. But most likely it will continue as the 2020 election gets under way and Trump sulks and pouts and threatens to burn down the house over his 2016 loss.


Email at 12:24pm
Email at 12:24pm

Now Eric joins the fray, abandoning his $20.17 tactic that was such a brilliant idea at 7:20am, settling five hours later for "ANY level of support" (ie money) that one might be inclined to waste on a sinking ship.

The Trump campaign fairly reeks of desperation. It's clear from the tone of these appeals that they recognize that Hillary is kicking some butt. Go Hillary! Defeat and humiliate this jerk.

Hidden far, far down at the bottom of these emails, in microscopic type, are links to unsubscribe from the emails. I may do so. I've had more than enough fun mocking this merry band of fools and scoundrels.


Good lord! Another copy of the email that came at 5:13am, only from a different sender: this one came from "" whereas the earlier one can from "" What a bunch of amateurs.

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