Please, make it end!

Make America grope again
Donald Trump is running to become Groper-in-Chief

| This is the sorriest election in my long lifetime. Although we are forced to endure three more weeks of it, there cannot be more than a handful of resolutely undecideds who want it to continue. Sane people just want to get it over with and get on with life.

At this point, if there is anyone out there who has not decided who to vote for, they're just procrastinating, like going out for coffee instead of tackling the accumulated mess in the garage. It has to be done. Just do it!

Rudy Park
My sentiment exactly

Donald Trump has stopped running for president, really. He is doing nothing — absolutely nothing — to win him more votes than he already has. Will anyone other than a Trumpeter be attracted by more attacks on Paul Ryan, any woman who attests that he groped her, Saturday Night Live, the Republican Party in general, the Media; or by calls for his supporters to form up cadres of vigilante poll watchers to descend on "certain areas" to make sure the election isn't stolen from him? Since declaring himself "unshackled" Trump has been in complete meltdown, lashing out at rallies and via Twitter.

Jim Morin
Jim Morin

And the people around him are no less deplorable than Trump himself. They excuse and rationalize behavior that is inexcusable and irrational. They've sold their souls to the devil, and I don't mean Hillary. Richard Cohen put it well in an op-ed today.

Watching Trump can be both entertaining and frightening, but listening to his defenders — Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Reince Priebus — is just plain sickening. It’s not that they lack the courage of their convictions. It’s that they have no convictions at all.

Those who have tried to have it both ways — "supporting but not endorsing," "endorsing but not campaigning," or keeping silent in the face of it all — have shown themselves utterly without courage. How can they look at themselves in the mirror? I'm thinking here of people like Kelly Ayotte (Senator, Maine), Paul Ryan (Congressman, Wisconsin, Speaker of the House),  Mitch McConnell (Senator, Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader), but the list is much, much longer.

Apart from being coarse and vulgar, apart from having no policy (only slogans), apart from evincing an inscrutable bromance with Vladimir Putin, Trump has become a clear, present, and growing danger to our democracy.

His constant whining about the election being "rigged" is a preemptive excuse in anticipation of a resounding loss, but it is also very, very dangerous. It is an attempt to delegitimize the next president and incites resistance, perhaps violence in the aftermath of the election. The last eight years have been marked by obstructionism for the sake of obstructionism in Washington. If (when) Hillary is elected president, it will reach new heights and result in even greater gridlock.

Paul Szep
Paul Szep

When Trump complains about the election being rigged, what he is really complaining about is our whole system of government and the Constitution. What he can't face, apparently, is that he is losing, with no time to turn it around before votes are counted, and certainly no inclination to even try to turn it around.

Paul Szep
Mike Luckovich

The final indignity of this whole sordid mess is that someone in Trump Tower thinks I might be a Trumpeter. This morning's email brought a plea from Eric Trump to donate money so my name will be included when Trump sees "a list of supporters who made a contribution just before his debates against Hillary."

Fundraising email from Trump campaign
Trying to shake the money tree. Guess what? This tree ain't got no leaves! Not for DJT.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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