Annual pilgrimmage to junk merchandise and junk food

LA County fair -- junk merchandise and junk food

| For several years now, we have gone to the Los Angeles County Fair — AKA "Pomona Fair." This year was no exception. How could you not go? Admission on Senior Wednesdays this year was $0. Free.  

Thanks to Bob's handicapped parking hanger, we got a parking spot quite close to the gate. That's not so important when you arrive, but it becomes more important as the day goes on and the legs and feet grow more weary. We were very happy to see Sophie waiting patiently for us to return!

The fair this year had some new things — finally! Although they have mostly abandoned the agricultural roots of the fair, this year they had quite a few exotic animals on display. It did make me cringe to see that most of then had adopted neurotic behaviors in their cages, pacing back and forth over the same 3 feet of ground, or swinging to and fro from the top of their cages. They were clearly not happy.

No guns sign A sign of the times — no guns or other weapons allowed
charging station Another sign of the times - free cell-phone charging stations. Note that they thought it necessary to advise people to "Please stay with your phone"
Giraffe A young and curious giraffe. The nose looks so soft and it seemed to use it to explore things, much as a human might use a hand.

As usual, we spent some time wandering through the exhibition halls teeming with eager sales people pushing their wares. In a departure from the usual pattern, I actually succumbed and bought two new memory foam pillows with bamboo cases. But only because the pillows currently on my bed have become uncomfortable lumps and need to be replaced anyway. I was interested in the fact that they were compressed down to no more than 1/2 inch thick and rolled up in a little sack. However, when I released them from bondage and put them in the dryer for a few minutes, they plumped right back up and were very comfortable to sleep on. We'll see if they last.

Shake machine

There was a booth with shaking machines. You stood on the platform and it began to move, gently if you desired, or more robustly if you set it for "crazy." I was afraid some of my muscles were going to fly off my skeleton it shook so much. Fortunately, I was the one with the camera.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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