Welcoming lasagna

Y'all come back again, ye hear?

| And they did! Jim and Angela decided to come to the desert for a weekend, now that both of them are retired and free to gad about.

The gang and I simply swept them up into the normal swing of things. Saturday is our usual go-out-to-dinner night, so everyone came chez moi and I made a big pan of lasagna. As usual, we filled up on far too many appetizers, and when faced with a square of lasagna on our plates simply could not; doggie bags were requested all around. Nevertheless, everyone still managed to save room for Réal's apple crisp.

And on Sunday, in a departure from the norm, we all went to brunch at 360 North. Réal usually has to work on Sundays (which is why we switched from Sunday brunch to Saturday dinner) but he decided he was going to take a day off so we could all do brunch. And we did. I would have ordered the lobster pot pie, but they were out; so I ordered the veal pot roast instead, another of my absolute favorites.

Angela with book
Angela as she has usually been seen, book in hand

Faithful readers will remember that in photos of previous gatherings, Angela is most often seen with a book in her hand, reading, reading, reading. (Not that there's anything wrong with that; in fact it's a good thing.)

But the Angela who visited this time is a new person in two ways: first, she has shed some weight, and second, she has become addicted to Pokémon Go. The books have been replaced by the phone and supplemental portable charger, lest any Pokémon go uncaptured.

Angela searching for Pokemon while waiting to go to the museum
Angela looking for Pokemon while waiting to leave for the air museum
Angela in the car
Angela looking for Pokemon while driving to the museum
Angela searching for more Pokemon
Angela looking for Pokemon instead of drinking whiskey
Jim is also well connected, but not into Pokémon
Jim drinking whiskey
Jim sipping whiskey

A highlight of the visit was a trip to the Palm Springs Air Museum. The museum specializes in military aircraft, and many of the "warbirds" are airworthy; in fact, the museum offers rides and participates in fly-in exhibitions. In two hangars, the collection and the stories it tells are both inspiring and deeply saddening. It's a sobering reminder of the reality of war, and it's one politicians who are always popping off about bombing the "s*t out of them" should have to face.

Angela and Bunny
Angela and "Bunny" — almost every plane had a pin-up girl painted on the side and they were always quite buxom
Ball turret suspended below the fuselage
A gun turret suspended below the fuselage of a fighter plane
diagram showing gunner in the turret
Check out how the gunner had to curl up inside the turret and fire the gun between his legs. Yikes!

One of the exciting discoveries at the museum is their library! You would expect to find oral histories, and such, but they also have newspapers, movies, magazines (a complete collection of Life Magazine). We could not resist sitting down and leafing through old issues, marveling at the stories, the ads, the style, etc.

Angela reading Life
Angela reading and old issue of Life Magazine. Note the phone, ready to capture any Pokémon who venture into the area
Jim reading Life
We learned later than Jim was looking for the pictures of some relatives that had been published in Life
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