Who doesn't have a cell phone?

cell phones record Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama greets students at George Washington University displaying a panoply of cell phones
Photo: Kasie Hunt Twitter feed

| Michelle Obama ventured out on the campaign trail to stump for Hillary Clinton with a speech at George Washington University. When she came out on stage, every hand went into the air, and in every hand was a smart phone recording a picture or a video.

The domination of cell phones over landlines is complete. This is a generation that has never had a traditional landline phone account and never will. The cord has been severed completely.

Even when it comes to in-house use, where cell phone reception is often spotty at best, the "landline" is often a Voice Over IP internet line (MagicJack, Ooma, Vonage, etc) that depends only on an IP address and device identificaton to route a phone call. Copper wires buried in the ground is so 20th century!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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