Infiniti Q60
Infinity Q60 as seen in commercial featuring Kit Harrington

Separated at birth?

| Infiniti has an ad featuring Kit Harrington that is enjoying heavy play right now. Frankly, I find it just plain creepy.

Harrington plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones so I imagine that a lot of people know him. The description of the ad says,

Harrington … drives the Infinity Q60 in slow-motion. As he passes over scattered leaves along the road, they fly into the air in his wake and the footage resumes at a normal speed. Infiniti announces that the coupe is back, stating, "A car should only be measured by one thing -- how it makes you feel."

As I said, this ad makes me feel creeped-out! The very first thought that came into my mind when I saw the ad was, "I thought Charles Manson was dead. What's he doing making commercials?"

Kit Harrington driving Infiniti Q60
Kit Harrington in ad
Charles Manson at trial
Charles Manson at trial

Let me be clear, I know nothing about Harrington; he may be a terrific actor that I've never seen. Nor do I know anything about the role Harrington plays, Jon Snow; he may be a good guy, a bad guy, or just indifferent. But the look in this ad is just too evocative of Manson and his cult that carried out several horrific murders in the late 1960s. I shudder every time I see the ad.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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