Let the feasting begin!

Let the feasting begin
The Bunch with overflowing plates

| When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to have a holiday, let it be a feast.

The usual suspects assembled for the usual holiday feasting: New York steak (hey, it wasn't any more expensive than hamburger), cucumber salad, an Indian-style vegetable casserole - all accompanied by copious amounts of champagne and followed by dessert.

On my last trip to Costco I came across pre-mixed margaritas with the Kirland label, so I picked up a bottle to try. The unanimous opinion is that there is no longer a reason to try to mix margaritas on our own — they were exceptionally good, just poured over ice  in a salted-rim glass. Another discovery: good margaritas followed by cheap champagne is not good.

The usual suspects

Rèal pointing at me for no apparent reason
Rafe with his glow-stick 'stache
Bob awaiting the next course
Ken eyeing Bob's steak, I think
Pouring, and pouring, and pouring again amongst fervid flag waving

Rafe performed his usual role of keeping our glasses filled, at all times. He also filled in as grillmeister while I was preoccupied on what has to be the world's worst ticket-buying site, trying to get us tickets for Val and Maks Chmerkovskiy's dance tour this summer.

The website in question is LiveNation.com. Three times my purchase timed out before I could complete it owing to the fact that one had a choose the credit card being used. I chose Citi Visa, because that's what the card was, but it kept throwing errors, saying I had to correct the number (which, of course, was the correct number). In the end, it turned out that after I chose "Visa" rather than "Citi Visa" the transaction went through.

Then, it turned out that the "service charge" on each $69 ticket was a whopping $15.25!!!! Oh, did I mention that LiveNation is owned by TicketMaster? What a rip-off!

It was good!

And as he is wont to do, Rèal brought dessert, which was absolutely delicious. The following pictures tell the tale:

Bob's second helping of dessert
Bob's dessert plate afterwards

A most satisfying 4th of July!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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