Alas, overpowered by Fundamentals

Power program cover

| At least once a year Ken tries to get us to go to a baseball game, and last evening we succumbed to peer presssure.

It was Democrat night at the Palm Springs Power vs FBA Sharks. After grasping at straws as to the meaning of FBA — Fairbanks Alaska? — I looked it up: Fundamentals Baseball Academy, a private training program in Manifee, Calif. for youth and college age aspiring athletes.

The game did not get off to an auspicious start. The young woman chosen to sing the national anthem got as far as "O say can you see..." before drawing a complete blank and having to start over anew.

Singing of the national anthem
Singing of the national anthem, marked by a memory lapse and restart
Ken and Réal
Rocky, the Powerful mascot

We all had to wear blue to identify ourselves to like-minded political individuals. We not only got our tickets at a substantial discount but also received beads (blue, of course) and a blue rally towel. Inasmuch as it was clear that there was not going to be a rally, the towels went largely unused.

La Quinta Poolside Blonde

Naturally, we had to have proper ballpark snacks and beer, although none of us had peanuts or cracker jacks. I did, however, use the occasion to sample a local brew, LaQuinta Poolside Blonde. It was quite tasty. In fact, I stuck with my choice, even though it cost 5 times as much as the beer available when the beer batter struck out.

La Quinta Poolside Blonde
Batter up!
Power in the field
The Power in the field, FBA Sharks with two men on base.

It was actually a lot of fun. We and our fellow blue people hooted and hollered, stomped, and clapped enthusiastically. It was a lovely summer evening; as soon as the sun went down behind the mountain it began to cool off quickly. However, late in the game a bubble of very warm air enveloped us all, a harbinger, perhaps, of what is to come on Monday when temperatures are predicted to take a giant leap upward, causing Edison to warn customers to turn off everything that is not essential, lest the grid go brown.

Final score: Power: 0. Sharks: 4. Ouch!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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