And summer is now here!

Gravestones at Arlington Cemetery
Arlington Cemetery

| Nothing so soberingly reminds us of the true meaning of Memorial Day than seeing the rows and rows and rows of gravestones at Arlington Cemetery, each decorated with a small American flag.

The usual suspects, as they usually do, convened to mark the occasion, although to be perfectly honest feasting and merriment always have a very high priority on such a solemn holiday.

It has been a very strange spring with temperatures significantly below average. We all like that, of course, because it keeps the electric bills reasonable. At the same time you just know that at some point it will all change. That was Memorial Day, with temperatures shooting up to about 100°F. Accordingly, we stayed indoors while waiting for the roast to finish and for dinner.

Rafe, scowling about his "photo release"

Whenever we get together there is always plenty of laughter, and this was no exception.


I'm sure no-one has any idea what we considered so very funny.

And then, of course, there is the eating. I discovered that I still had a rib-eye roast in the freezer, purchased on sale last Christmas. What better occasion?

The buffet
The buffet
Prime rib, Bob's world-famous baked beans
The buffet
Ken's world-famous green bean casserole, Rafe's wannabe famous mashed potatoes

By the time dinner was over it had cooled down enough outside that we could enjoy our coffee and dessert on the patio.

Dessert on the patio
Coffee and dessert on the patio

I won't say that we drank alot, I would never say such a thing because that wouldn't be proper or prudent. I will say, however, that there was a surprising array of bottles ready to be recycled this morning. I should also point out that there were five of us, that the festivities went on for several hours, and that three of the bottles were small. And a note for those within range of a Trader Joe's: TJ's RSVP champagne is quite tasty, imminently drinkable and at $4.99/bottle, very affordable.


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