And then there was one. And what a one!

Donald Trump, presumptive nominee of the Republican party
Presumptive nominee

| They said it wouldn't happen. All of them. They said Donald Trump would never win the nomination.

It's true, he doesn't have it yet, but the other 16 people have all dropped out of the race, so it is now a foregone conclusion. That should be a bright red warning flag to all those who think he won't be elected.

Many Democrats may be tempted to glee, thinking that this makes Hillary a shoo-in. Yes, Trump has alienated just about everyone except for angry older white men. But Hillary is not really a very strong candidate, as shown by her inability to put her nomination to bed.

Democrats should be very cautious about thinking they can "dispel once and for all with this fiction" (thank you, Little Marco) that Trump has a chance. A lot of people didn't take him seriously, and now look what has happened.

But besides getting Hillary elected, Democrats have to turn their attention to winning "down-ticket" as well — senators, representatives, governors, legislators. And one of the best ways to do that is to hang Donald Trump around the neck of every Republican running. While a few have bravely said they're not supporting Donald Trump, no way, no how, an increasing number of Republicans are craven enough to say they will support the nominee of their party.

The ads practically write themselves. I even created a quick 45 second spot myself this afternoon. Someone with good video editing software could do much better.


It's very simple: get a bunch of clips of Trump saying outrageous and offensive things and separate them with a short clip of the Republican of your choice saying "I will support the nominee of my party." In the age of YouTube, it should be a snap. Note to Democratic consultants: Feel free to adopt my design. It would be nice if a few super-pac dollars found their way into my bank account, but if they don't I will consider it my contribution to #neverTrump.

In the meantime, we can all take joy in the creative output of editorial cartoonists all over the country.

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Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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