Beautifully and bountifully!

fresh-picked tomatoes
There is nothing quite like a tomato that has been grown in dirt and ripened on the vine!

| It's harvest time in my garden. I picked a basketful of juicy red tomatoes this morning. Yum!

One tomato had tried to escape from its protective cage and made an imperfect escape. Birds, however, were grateful and made a meal of the protuberance.

tomato growing through the wire mesh
red yucca
All the red yuccas are blossoming and making seed pods
Even the ground cover is exhuberant
Rosemary is rampant
And the rosemary is blooming, too!
California fuchsia
California fuchsia, a "native plant" courtesy of Angela. She says it will bloom in July and then need a "hard pruning"
More yellow ground cover

The oddest thing in the backyard, however, is the agave. It has chosen to bloom this year, but in a most unusual way.

My agave, with horizontal blossom stalk
Normally the stalk shoots straight up

The blossom is a marvel!

Blossom detail
Blossom detail — the birds love it!

Not all the blooming is confined to the back yard. In the front, a lovely salmon-colored rose is right next to a cactus!

A lovely salmon-colored rose blossom
cactus blossom
Even the cactus is blooming

Ah, yes — Life is good!

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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