Now I'm 73!

As they say, "Getting older beats the alternative"

| It's that time again. Thankfully there's no cake with candles, because nobody needs that kind of conflagration!

Today's New York Times informed me that "sixty is not the new 40." Well, doh!

SIXTY is not the new 40. Fifty isn’t either. Your lung capacity in late-middle age is in steady decline, as are the fast-twitch muscle fibers that provide power and speed. Your heart capacity has been ebbing for decades. Your sight has been getting worse, your other senses, too, and this, along with a gradually receding ability to integrate information you are absorbing and to then issue motor commands, means your balance is not what it used to be. (Your flattening arches aren’t helping.) Your prefrontal cortex — where the concentrating and deciding gets done — has been shrinking for some time, perhaps since you graduated from college. More of your career (more of your life) is behind you than in front of you. Do not kid yourself about this. You are milling in the anteroom of the aged.

I'm here to tell you that if 60 isn't the new 40, 73 sure as hell isn't!

For many, many years I always used to say that I didn't feel old, even though I was, objectively, getting old. I don't say that anymore. The signs are undeniable: sitting down to put on my pants lest I topple over; being at a loss for a word that just won't make it off the tip of my tongue; the alarming frequency of saying "it used to be..."; the struggle to just get off my kiester and go ride my bike; the small pharmacy I keep in my bathroom; the fact that many of the clothes in my wardrobe are older than Justin Bieber.

On the other hand, I do enjoy life immensely. I have wonderful friends, and thanks to lovely parting gifts from Carly Fiorina when she shed 30,000 jobs from HP, I live comfortably, albeit not lavishly. There's always something to do — a show to see, a trip to take, a dinner with friends, or even weeds to pull from the yard. I'm gratified by growing some of my own vegetables in the garden, although what I spend on soil, fertilizer, seeds, and water for exceed what it would cost to buy the same quantity of vegetables in the supermarket.

Life is good! Happy birthday to me!

birthday cake

Last updated on Apr 13, 2018



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